10,000 apes, one epic journey, we’re aping in!

RioDeFi is excited to announce our partnership with Going Ape, the hottest NFT x metaverse phenomenon taking the world by storm.

Capturing today’s dynamic cultural movement, Going Ape is a collection of 10,000 ape NFTs with rarity classes attributed to eyes, fur, hair, grin, clothes, props and background.

Together these apes will live in the Ape Metaverse where users will navigate freely between various virtual environments including a 3D open world, an NFT marketplace, and a play-to-earn game using virtual avatars.

We are excited to join a stellar cast of internationally renowned VCs, tech partners and marketing agencies including EnjFi, Plutus VC, NikoPicto & Blockhype to propel Going Ape into the stratosphere (and the Ape Metaverse).

‘What amazed me about Going Ape project is the vision of the team, the great artwork and the Ape Metaverse community.’ quotes James Anderson, CEO, RioDeFi ‘I believe metaverse will be the next big thing and the Going Ape NFTs are the ground floor to providing their owners an immersive and surreal metaverse experience.’

To celebrate this partnership, Nico & Lily, founders of the Going Ape Metaverse will join RioDeFi for an exclusive AMA at 530pm (GMT+8) on Thursday 6 January.

Don’t miss it as all your questions on the Going Ape NFTs, Ape Metaverse and how to get your hands on a shiny new ape will be answered!



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