2022 — The Path Ahead For RioDeFi

Blockchain projects start with building their base. For RioDeFi, that was our primary objective in 2021.

2021 was foundational.

We launched RioWallet, our proprietary gateway to the suite of RioDeFi products. RioChain was upgraded to Substrate v3.0. RioDeFi Incubation Program launched 4 dApps that will partake in the initial dApp release on RioChain. RioStox has been built and successfully passed CertiK’s penetration testing. RioCard finalised a partnership with a global pioneer in payment innovation, and we aggressively expanded RioDeFi’s global ecosystems of strategic, tech and financial partners.

In 2021, we built our competitive moat.

This year, we lift off.


The core difference between building a regular product and blockchain is that you can’t launch a blockchain and iterate with your users whilst concurrently fixing issues in real time. This is not how protocols are designed and built.

Once a protocol is live, changing requires an enormous amount of coordination. In the case of a blockchain protocol with the goal of securing sizeable dollars from day one, you can’t launch a near-completed project and quickly iterate on the fly.

Building a blockchain is a complicated process. Building a complex blockchain that can scale to millions of users and provides great developer and user experience is extremely hard.

In 2022, the tech team’s primary focus is on delivering a Substrate built and EVM compatible chain to onboard an ecosystem of dApps that can benefit from the chain’s interoperability, security and scalability.

The principle features RioChain MainNet is offer:

  1. 3000 TPS
  2. 2 seconds block finality
  3. 0.1 RFUEL gas fee per transaction
  4. 40 nodes

2022 RioChain Roadmap

  1. Independent 3rd party audit
  2. Introduction of nodes & validator program
  3. Revamp of developer documentation site
  4. Dev application to enter the RioChain sandbox environment
  5. Upgrade of RioChain block explorer
  6. Onboarding for EVM compatible protocols
  7. Enhanced MainNet launch
  8. Native staking of RFUEL
  9. Onboard RioDeFi Incubated Projects


In 2022, RioStox is building towards a secure, regulated and blockchain powered exchange platform driving financial product innovation and improving the user experience for all market participants.

As the evolutionary next step of RioExchange, RioStox will expand the financial instruments available to registered users to include cryptocurrencies, fractionalized NFTs and STOs including equities, debt, ETFs & REITS.

To ensure the delivery of a frictionless user experience, RioStox provides issuers, investors and market participants a secure, fully-funded T-instant environment where all users will have equal access to lower transaction costs, greater efficiencies and more choices to access capital.

The vision for RioStox is to define the next frontier in investment, where through democratized access to capital markets, everyone on the wealth spectrum are empowered with the right and opportunity to become a stakeholder.

2022 RioStox Roadmap

  1. Whitelist campaign for RioStox Beta testing
  2. Launch of RioStox Beta
  3. Beta testing — Simulated crypto trading competition
  4. RioStox upgrade from Beta and public launch

RioCard— RioDeFi Debit Card

To date, the usage of cryptocurrencies is confined within the boundaries of web3.

RioCards (RioDeFi Debit Cards) are created to enable the seamless transition for a traditional financial instrument — debit card into cryptocurrency, and thereby not only introducing cryptocurrency to billions of consumers but also providing them with the freedom to use cryptocurrency as a globally accepted payment method.

By creating a single entity between cryptocurrency and fiat, RioDeFi’s partnership with Baanx, the global pioneer in payment-tech innovation will increase the demand and mass market liquidity of cryptocurrencies including RFUEL, Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and more as they reach mainstream acceptance anywhere the debit card system is accepted.

2022 RioCard Roadmap

  1. Open global waitlist application for RioCard
  2. Commence RioCard KYC application process
  3. Consumer receives virtual RioCard
  4. Integration of RioCard into RioWallet
  5. Global shipment and distribution of RioCards


In 2022, RioWallet Mobile & Web will continue to provide crypto users a one stop gateway for crypto/fiat on and off ramp, multi and cross-chain entry for DeFi protocols and NFTs and access to a suite of RioDeFi products including RioCards.

2022 RioWallet Roadmap

  1. Continual updates to RioWallet App UI & UX
  2. Fast & secure fiat-crypto on and off ramping
  3. Expansion of multi-chain support for Polygon & Solana
  4. One stop mobile destination for ETH, BSC, Polygon & Solana dApps
  5. NFT “Send & Store” support on ETH, Polygon, BSC & Solana
  6. Integration and support for RioCard
  7. Additional token support on RioChain
  8. Token swaps on RioChain

Full speed ahead!

James Anderson

CEO, RioDefi




The Next Frontier of Finance

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The Next Frontier of Finance

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