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RioDeFi is thrilled to announce its partnership with KardiaChain, one of the leading blockchain infrastructure projects in South East Asia.

Making Interoperable Blockchain a reality

True to our mission to interconnect distributed networks, we have set ourselves on a journey to integrate RioDeFi technology with other initiatives which share our enthusiasm for interoperable Blockchain. Which is why we have decided to enter into a long term partnership agreement with Kardiachain. They are one of the most innovative actors in this space with a unique approach especially of cross-chain communications and extensive collaborations with real businesses.

Scope of the collaboration


We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with LuxFi, a real-world luxury asset-backed NFT DeFi solution. The collaboration will allow RioDeFi to improve its DeFi services with LuxFi’s ecosystem.

LuxFi focuses on providing a decentralized network for luxury assets by integrating fingerprint technology in their ecosystem, preventing counterfeiting that has gravely affected luxury brands. With a Layer-2 blockchain technology, LuxFi created an NFT marketplace to buy and exchange luxury assets in digital form.

For the past 20 years, the luxury asset market has collected about US $4 Trillion worth of revenue. With that, LuxFi’s expertise in the area will…

RioWallet is now accessible via Facebook, Gmail, and Reddit.

RioDeFi is excited to announce the release of the second generation of our desktop cryptocurrency wallet. RioWallet V2.1 features especially Torus, an authentication system that enables users to access their crypto wallet using their social media login.

Why is RioWallet integrating Torus?

At RioDeFi, our edge is to foster the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology by creating solutions that are easily accessible and intuitive to use.

To make Blockchain easy is the underlying philosophy for instance behind RioWallet’s cross chain communication features enabled by the Generic Asset Bridge.

One common pain point experienced by crypto wallet users is the difficulty…

Our team at Rio is pleased to announce that the Rio PolkaPets 100,000 RFUEL drawing has concluded! The community wowed us once again with the number of users participating in our first lottery event!

Rio PolkaPet 100,000 RFUEL Winners

We have selected 10 lucky winners to share 100,000 RFUEL tokens equally. The winners are as follows:

@Galactic Yogi

A huge thank you to all who participated in our first lottery event. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on our social channels to catch the next event!

But this is not the end! Anyone can still…

LABS to use RioChain’s Generic Asset Bridge to access Ethereum-based scalability layers.

Using RioChain, LABS tokenized properties will integrate Ethereum-based DeFi services

In December last year, RioDeFi and LABS announced a joint initiative dedicated to the tokenization of Real Estate. One of the most talked about IDO of the year, LABS is set to bring the world’s single largest asset class onto the blockchain.

Traditional Capital Markets meet DeFi

The tokenization of property assets is a cornerstone to bridge traditional capital markets with decentralized finance or DeFi. …

Simplex to boost RFUEL adoption by making it available to its vast network of payment services and crypto wallets

We are delighted to announce that RioDeFi is partnering with world leading payment services company, Simplex, to integrate RFUEL in their global network of merchants and partners.

Simplex is a licensed financial institution that provides innovative and secure payment solutions. Through its vast network of partners which includes Binance, Polkadot and OKCoin to quote a few, Simplex has established itself as the leading fiat/crypto infrastructure provider leader of choice.

Therefore RioDeFi’s token is now available for purchase on Simplex’s partner wallets…

What is Rio Polkapets NFT?

Two months ago we announced the launch of Rio Polkapets NFT, an initiative developed in collaboration with Bondly. There are only 800 Rio Polkapets NFTs in circulation so far.

As promised to our community, our team is delighted to announce the first lottery held for Rio Polkapets NFT owners. This is the first of a series of giveaway campaigns designed to reward our most fervent supporters with a unique opportunity to win 100,000 RFUEL! The reward will be divided into ten prizes of 10,000 RFUEL each.

Do you want to participate?

Scenario #1: If you are already a lucky owner of a Rio Polkapets NFT…

We are delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Cinchblock, one of the world’s top blockchain marketing agencies.

Cinchblock’s experience and in-depth expertise have helped drive the success of many high-profile blockchain projects such as LABS and Refinable. We are confident that this partnership will bolster RioDeFi’s promotional activities and bring forward new opportunities to further enrich, expand, and enhance our community and RioDeFi stakeholders.

Working Together

Cinchblock is a comprehensive blockchain marketing platform with a particular focus on influencer marketing and viral marketing.

Through this collaboration, Cinchblock will be helping us in a variety of marketing fields, using their vast team…

RioDeFi’s CEO — James Anderson had hosted an AMA on our Vietnam Telegram channel last Thursday! This time, James had shared the latest updates on our development and launch of RioWallet Mobile App on Andriod and to answer some community questions. This is the time for you all to understand even more about RioDefi.

A giveaway campaign was organized to engage further with our community and 10 winning questions from the following participants were shortlisted, please DM @TheRioHero on Telegram to claim your reward:

Nguyễn Sơn

Ba Khía (@Bakhia8)

Chạy Goviet kiếm tiền mua ETC (@tinh1206)

Dương Minh Đức (@duchhbg97)

RioDeFi is thrilled to announce that DragonBite, one of the trendiest upcoming IDOs is opening its private round of fundraising to RioClub members.

Following the recent announcement of DragonBite’s integration on RioChain, both projects have decided to strengthen their collaboration by giving the possibility to RFUEL most fervent supporters the exclusive opportunity to become early investors in BITE token.

How Can RioClub Members Join BITE Private Sale?

In order to receive an allocation for DragonBite private round of their token sale RioClub Members should follow the instructions below:

1) Pre-registered applicants who already submitted their contact details and successfully passed…


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