Chains integration

RioWallet App V2.9 integrated Solana and Avalanche chains, giving users the option to safely store crypto-currency and NFTs. The new integration will also enable users to send and receive crypto-currencies within RioWallet on multiple chains.

To ensure a smooth and seamless user-experience of Web3 applications in RioWallet, rigorous testings of our Dapps have been carried out.

Web3 Auth Login

Web3 Auth login on mobile devices is now live in this patch. When users import additional external wallets on top of their existing RioWallet, it gives users a new option to log in through various social platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc, without sharing passwords or private keys.

Read more about Auth technology here.



RioDefi is thrilled to announce that RioWallet now supports Solana Chain, on top of 8 other chains that make it a better multichain wallet.

To align with our core value proposition, we continuously look into connecting different blockchains and leverage each blockchain’s distinct feature to give our users a seamless experience on the Web3 wallet.

With the Solana Chain integration, users can now incorporate their Solana Wallet, such as Phantom to RioWallet. This greatly enhances the usability of RioWallet and makes it easier for users to manage assets on different chains. You can consolidate your digital assets and display all of them in RioWallet without switching from wallet to wallet now.

In the coming updates, we will gradually integrate Dapps on Solana Chain to our mobile wallet app. Stay tuned on our upcoming announcement!