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RioDeFi is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with NetVRk, a social VR platform developed for people to create VR app share and experience with others while monetizing on them. Users could access staking programs, generate NFTs, buy lands and ad spaces in NetVRk’s virtual world.

Through this collaboration, NetVRk will benefit from RioChain, RioDeFi’s blockchain technology allowing more users to access the virtual reality platform.

RioDeFi will also take an investment position in NetVRk and support the growth of this project. So far, RioDeFi has invested in several projects including Lepricon, a prediction games platform, MANTRA DAO, a DeFi…

The much-awaited mobile version of RioDeFi’s interoperable cryptocurrency wallet is live! RioWallet lets you seamlessly store and transfer digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum for close to zero fee. Powered by the Substrate-based blockchain RioChain, RioWallet enables safe and fast transactions on its network and can currently connect its users to Binance Smart Chain and OKex Chain.

All the benefits of RioWallet web version with a bonus

A few weeks ago, RioDeFi launched the second iteration of RioWallet that introduced the Generic Asset Bridge, which provides interoperable solutions and enables RioChain to accept other tokens such as BTC or…

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with SpiderDAO that will bring new benefits to our community members looking for both new staking opportunities with high APR and enhanced online privacy.

SpiderDAO is a DeFi project supported by Polkadot’s network which was noticed a few months ago for having been shortlisted to be part of the Substrate Builder program. It aims to enhance security privacy and decentralisation to its users and extend it to the entire Polkadot’s ecosystem.

SpiderDAO also seduces the crypto community for revamping the DAO concept as we know it. It introduces a dual-governance model that…

The co-founders of RioDeFi had hosted an AMA on our YouTube channel! This time, they had used this opportunity to share the latest updates on our tech development and our upcoming initiatives for the 2nd part of 2021 and to answer some community questions. This is the time for you all to understand even more about Rio Defi.

A giveaway campaign was organized to engage further with our community and 6 winning questions from the following participants were shortlisted, please DM us on Twitter to claim your reward:

@thewolf x2

@Gopi Nath

@Edzin Vidal

@Ivo M

@Adam Suleiman

In this…

RioDeFi is pleased to announce RioClub, an initiative that aims at giving the possibility to RFUEL’s strongest supporters the possibility to participate in the private round of fundraising of the projects incubated and invested in by RioDeFi.

How Does It Work?

RioDeFi’s philosophy is that a blockchain network and its supporting dApps should bring mutual benefits to each other. This is best exemplified in RioChain’s economic model whereby 20% of the transaction fees collected by the network are distributed to the decentralized applications built on top of it.

RioClub aims at extending this philosophy to the fundraising stage of specific…

We had the pleasure to invite DragonBite last evening for an AMA hosted on our Telegram channel. Moderated by Katerna Volkova, Co-Founder and VP of RioDeFi, this online event was an opportunity for Mickael Costache, Andy Chen, Elvan Yau and Florence Ip to disclose more about their upcoming decentralised Asset Management platform for customers to store and swap digital assets in One App with One password! DragonBite is the latest project incubated by RioDeFi and will provide the dApp cross chain functionalities via RioChain’s technology.

A giveaway campaign was organised to engage further with our community and 10 winning questions…

We are pleased to announce the expansion of RioDeFi’s ecosystem with a new dApp that has chosen RioChain to enter the blockchain space. DragonBite is a decentralised finance (DeFi) loyalty points and asset management platform which recently raised over $2.7 million from private investors within 48 hours.

The company leverages cryptocurrencies and DeFi to help loyalty points holders consolidate their earnings, interact with a global ecosystem of merchants, and unlock the value of their digital assets. For the first time, loyalty points from different programs can be earned, redeemed, and spent using one single application. …

We are excited to announce that RioDeFi will be part of UniFarm Cohort 6 scheduled to be live on Tuesday, April 27th.

UniFarm is an innovative farming solution developed by the OroPocket team which brings top DeFi projects together in Cohorts which consist of a Stake One, Farm MANY tokens rewards pool.

This unique pool will provide selected projects token holders the opportunity to stake their tokens while earning crypto from other participating projects with APY ranging from 36 to 250%.

Under UniFarm Cohort 6, RioDeFi will be joined by OpenDeFi, Polkacover and GamyFi. RioDeFi will contribute US$ 25,000 worth…

Polkadot’s wallet built on the polkadot-js stack has now added both the mainnet and testnet versions of RioChain to its interface. RioChain is now listed together with a dozen of other promising projects including Kusama, Darwinia, Centrifuge and Edgeware.

Polkadot{js} acts as a browser extension and gives RioChain users another option to manage their accounts. Once downloaded and added to Chrome or Firefox browser, users can sign their transactions using this interface, providing them with additional ways of accessing RioChain assets. …

New token distribution program reflects team’s commitment to RioDeFi community.

RioDeFi is pleased to announce the postponement of the distribution of the entire team allocation of RFUEL tokens by six months

As per RFUEL’s original emission and distribution schedule the team and advisor token allocation, which accounts for 15% of the total supply, was meant to be distributed over 18 months following a six months cliff after TGE.

In a move that illustrates their commitment and confidence in the long term of our initiative, RioDeFi team and advisors have decided to extend the cliff of vested RFUEL by six more…


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