Recap of RioDeFi’s Livestream AMA

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Q1: Are you planning to add a swap feature in RioWallet?

Q2:What applications are currently being built on RioDeFi? Are there any planned for the near future?

Q3: What is the parachain slot about? Why does RioChain need it and what are the chances that’ll happen? I see this question often on Telegram but for us non-techies, it’d be cool to get it explained.

Q4: Can I know what are the security measures taken by your team to avoid the vulnerabilities that may occur with time since you have a super simple way of exposing the users to their assets?

Q5:Are there any plans to enhance the real web wallet UI experience?

Q6: What is RioDeFi’s global expansion plan? Which market does RiodeFi focus on at the moment or is it focused on building and growing to acquire customers users and partners?

Q7: Can you tell us about more about the relationship of RioDeFi with MantraDAO as there are many similarities with your project team / advisors with the two projects.

Q8: Will there be a RioDeFi credit card in the future and when might it be?

Q9: What is the most ambitious goal of RioDeFi? I would appreciate if you could share with us any upcoming updates? What should the community be looking for?

Q10: Regulation is very important, many projects were closed in many countries due to failure to use the correct regulations and permits in order to go global. How does your team deal with these issues?

Q11: Will RioDeFi have any kind of membership system in the future? If yes when we will be seeing this system and what do we need to be part of it?

Q12: If not Polkadot, would you be interested in launching RioChain on Cardano?

Q13: What do you think about NFTs who become trends in 2021 or will the rio chain in the future adopt that?

Q14: Can you please share with us what RioDeFi has achieved so far?

Q15: Is there any connection with the buddhist story with Rio’s origin?

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