RFUEL Staking Guide on ETH Chain

$RFUEL Staking is now available on ETH Chain. Users can stake ERC-20 $RFUEL directly without swapping it to BEP-20 token as you did for the BSC staking pool.

(Pro Tip 1: You will need some ETH for gas fee before staking.)

(Pro Tip 2: Make sure you are on ETH chain on your MetaMask Wallet)

  1. Go to RioWallet.
  2. Go to the investment page and you will see the staking pool. Make sure it is the ETH pool instead of BSC.

3. Enter the amount of RFUEL you wish to stake.

4. After confirming the details and daily rewards, click Stake Now.

5. You will be directed to your MetaMask wallet. Confirm the gas fee.

6. Success!

The steps to Unstake are the same with the BSC Pool. You may check out the guide here for how to unstake.



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