Rio Corp at DCentralCon 2022: Into the Metaverse and Beyond

2 min readJun 27, 2022


Rio Corp’s debut at the DCentalCon was successfully held in early June in Austin, USA. If you missed the insights James presented on stage, we have prepared the TL:DR highlights below!

3 Alphas in 3 minutes.

Alpha 1: Rio Games

To better position Rio Corp in the Metaverse and GameFi world, we have been proactively expanding the business capability to explore innovative ways to amalgamate GameFi, Metaverse, and NFTs in our suite of product verticals. The collaboration with NikoPicto is working toward “Pictoverse”, a Metaverse that empowers 3D animation artists from around the world to showcase their artworks in virtual galleries. Pictoverse is creating a space for all 3D artists to share their masterpieces and their “MetaAsset” in the digital world.

GameFi is also undergoing constant evolution. The play-to-earn model is now shifting towards Play-and-earn and Win-to-earn. In the new earning model, tokens are rewarded to winners based on skills rather than the completion of repetitive tasks. The change in the in-game economy and tokenomics is the industry signaling the move towards producing games that prioritize quality gameplay expected by mainstream gamers.

Racing Punks and Cosmos Heroes are two such projects under Rio Games that combine sustainable tokenomics, ownership economy, yield generating NFTs, and mainstream gameplay experience to bring in user cohorts from NFT owners, blockchain gamers, and most importantly, the $2.7 Billion traditional gamers market. The future of GameFi will evolve to being an environment where users will equitably participate in the economic and social governance of the games they own, and RioGames aims to be at the bleeding edge of that.

Alpha 2: SoulBound Token

Have you ever imagined that you could tie your credential to NFTs in the coming future? This concept by Vitalik Buterin was brought up earlier this year where your reputation could be migrated and verified in Metaverse. Rio Corp is taking this wonderful concept into real-world practice and creating, a mental health healing platform in which users can choose their mentors based on the SoulBound token. We are hoping to revolutionize the mental health industry with blockchain technology.

Alpha 3: RioStox

The ability to trade MetaAsset is always a key value of Rio Corp. With the license that RioStox obtained recently, users can democratize and trade MetaAsset, such as fractionalized NFTs or fractionalized property seamlessly, which increases the liquidity of the assets and allows more people to own the asset at the same time.

The goal of providing abundant financial opportunities for all has always been Rio Corp’s top priority. We are grateful for the community’s support and we welcome everyone to join onboard on this value-creation journey.

Please click here for the full version of James’ speech at DCentralCon.

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