RioWallet Mobile Tutorial — How to store & receive NFTs

$6 bilion of Ethereum NFTs traded in January 2022. Are you storing yours securely and safely?

The most common question about NFT nowadays is how to store them, and more specifically if crypto exchanges or NFT marketplaces such as OpenSeas should be your long-term storage option.

With the rising popularity of NFTs, it is convenient that people would want their NFTs on one platform. However, there are unique risks associated with doing so; namely safety and security of putting the NFTs in the hands of a centralized party.

With RioWallet, you can now take full custody of your NFTs, easily and securely.

The 5 Steps guide to move your NFT from OpenSea (and all Ethereum NFT marketplaces) into RioWallet Mobile App

Step 1: Go to RioWallet

Open RioWallet (IOS or Android)

Wallet Tab — Browse to Ethereum

Select NFT tab

Step 2: Get RioWallet ETH address

Click on downward arrow icon. This will access the RioWallt ETH address to receive the NFT

Step 3: Copy your RioWallet ETH address

Step 4: Transfer from OpenSea (or anything other Ethereum NFT Marketplace)

Full instructions on moving NFT from OpenSea here:

Step 5: View NFT in RioWallet

Your NFT should be visible in your NFT Gallery!



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